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Our vein centers in NJ provide a personalized approach for spider and varicose vein treatment

Minimally-Invasive Vein Procedures

Thеrе are many safe and effective орtіоnѕ available, often covered by insurance. We develop a vein treatment plan together with our patients so they can easily return to normal activities. 

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Voted NJ’s Best Vein Specialists

Dr. Alissa Brotman O’Neill, Dr. Faisal Siddiqi, and Dr. Simon Smith are your local, accomplished vein specialists. Our physicians have trained at Harvard University, Yale University, New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell, and Drexel University.

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A mеdісаl рrосеdurе which involves thе іnjесtіоn оf a sclerosant іntо a vеіn tо соllapse іt. This is the most common technique for spider veins.

Radiofrequency Ablation

This procedure delivers heat energy to close down the abnormal vein and is a common minimally-invasive treatment for venous insufficiency.


A procedure that uses a special glue to close off damaged veins. The procedure is safe and as effective as radiofrequency ablation.


Combines chemical and mechanical techniques to treat underlying venous insufficiency. Select veins are good targets for treatment.


Done under local anesthesia, the vein is removed in small sections through tiny incisions. As one of the best options for bulging varicose veins, it is not a form of stripping. 

Vein Doctors in New Jersey

Board-Certified Experts – The Best Vein Specialists in New Jersey

The Princeton Vascular Center is led by our double board-certified vascular surgeon, Dr. Alissa Brotman-O’Neill. She is consistently voted for Top Doc in SJ Magazine, NJ Top Doctors, Talk of the Town, and Compassionate Doctor on Vitals. 

Not all vein doctors are vascular surgeons, and by no means are all vascular surgeons vein experts. Having completed fellowship training and board-certifications, Dr. Brotman has numerous years of experience in applying minimally invasive procedures to complex vein conditions. As President-elect for the New Jersey Vascular Surgical Society, she is committed to remaining up to date on all the latest research and technologies in the treatment of vein disease.

Varicose Vein Treatment – The Patient Experience

We want our doctors and patients to feel comfortable with one another. Treating spider and varicose veins effectively take both time and expertise.

Our doctors are scheduled with less than half the number of patients of traditional vein clinics in NJ, which means less waiting room time and more time spent with your doctor getting you the best results. You’ll never feel rushed through your appointment. Together, we will develop a personalized plan to minimize recovery times and enable patients to return to normal activities with healthier veins.

Where Can I Find the Best Vein Doctors Near Me?

The Princeton Vascular Center provides vein treatments at the locations below in New Jersey:

Innovative, Collaborative Vein Treatment Center

The Princeton Vascular Center is the first and best vein treatment center of its kind to have established a multi-specialty approach to treat spider vein and varicose vein disease. By bringing together board-certified experts in vascular surgery and cardiovascular specialties, we have developed a unique model for vein treatment. This collaboration establishes a balanced approach in designing the optimal plan for each patient. Our protocols offer multiple treatment options for spider and varicose veins customized to each patient’s preferences and anatomy. Our experts offer our patients all of the latest treatments available. You will notice the difference in your consultation and see first-hand our comprehensive approach to helping you feel and look your best.

Dr. Alissa Brotman O’Neill

Vascular Surgeon/ Vein Specialist

Harvard University

Harvard University

Meet Dr. Brotman

Dr. Faisal Siddiqi

Vein Specialist / Cardiologist

Yale University

Yale University

Meet Dr. Siddiqi

Dr. Simon Smith

Vein Specialist / Cardiologist 

Drexel University

Drexel University

Meet Dr. Smith

Spider and Varicose Vein Treatments


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