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Top 10 Questions For Spider Vein Removal Near Me


At the Princeton Vascular Center, we are accustomed to a large number of patients seeking spider vein treatment.  However, it might still surprise you to know that research has demonstrated up to  80% of individuals have some degree of vein disease. Of course, in most instances, the condition is minor and treatment is cosmetic.  Nonetheless, patients are very curious about the nature and treatment of spider veins, says Dr. Faisal Siddiqi–vein specialist at Princeton Vascular Center.

As such, we have compiled the TOP 10 questions our patients present on spider vein removal present during the initial consultation.

1) What Causes Spider Veins?

Despite their appearance, most spider veins are harmless and treatment is cosmetic.   However, in the presence of symptoms, the most important reason to consider is venous insufficiency.  This occurs when veins become weakened and blood accumulates in the legs.  This results in increased pressure and typical symptoms including the development of spider veins. 

2) Who Treats Spider Veins?

Spider veins are treated by a large number of physicians.  This includes primary care doctors, nurse practitioners, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and med spas.  In these instances, spider vein treatment is soley for cosmetic reasons and not covered by insurance.  Additionally, there is little thought put into understanding symptoms or severity of the spider veins.

A thorough evaluation is performed only by board-certified vein specialists focused on the treatment of spider and varicose veins.  You will most often find this at vein clinics.

3) What Are The Treatments for Spider Vein Removal Near Me?

The two most popular spider vein treatments are sclerotherapy and laser vein removal. There are pros and cons to each method.  Sclerotherapy is the preferred choice for most veins because of its effectiveness on both small and large veins.  Laser treatment is generally reserved for very fine spider veins  or those located on the face.

4) Are All Vein Clinics in NJ Doing The Same Thing?

Most dedicated vein clinics in NJ offer similar services for spider vein treatment. This includes sclerotherapy and laser vein removal. They additionally will offer a broader range of treatments to manage symptomatic spider and varicose vein disease.  A dedicated vein clinic in NJ will have on-site diagnostic ultrasound, RF vein ablation, VenaSeal, and Clarivein to help manage and cure underlying vein disease.  

Before you elect a certain vein clinic, be sure to take a look at the qualifications of the vein doctor, online reviews, and facilities.  Top-tier vein centers will source only board-certified vascular specialists with years of experience.  The reviews should demonstrate an authentic and positive experience. 

5) Does Insurance Cover Vein Treatment?

At the Princeton Vascular Center, we have a dedicated insurance team that works with our vein doctors to prior-authorize medically necessary procedures.  Insurance coverage depends on the nature of symptoms, ultrasound findings, and response to conservative therapy.  

6) Who is authorized to perform a laser procedure?

In the state of New Jersey, only physicians are authorized to perform laser procedures including those for vein removal.

7) How many treatments do I need?

This can be variable depending on the number and severity of your condition.  In most instances, patients will notice between 50-70% improvement with a single session of sclerotherapy or laser vein treatment.  This improvement occurs over 4-6 weeks.  During an in-person consultation, our experts can advise on how many sessions are likely needed for your treatment goals.  

8) What Pain Is Associated with Spider Vein Treatment?

The experience with sclerotherapy is overall very positive.  In the absence of a complete needle phobia, patients tolerate sclerotherapy injections quite well. Of course, this depends a little on the technique and sclerosant used.  Some cost-saving clinics will utilize hypertonic saline which can have unpleasant side effects including increased burning.  At the Princeton Vascular Center, we used formulated, low concentration polidocanol for its improved safety and efficacy in getting rid of spider veins.  

9) What happens after the treatment for spider vein removal?

Patients can go about their normal routine, however your vein doctor may advise a short course of compression stockings to improve the final results.  It’s important to note that sclerotherapy and laser treatment will cause the spider veins to inflamme for a short period. During this time, the spider veins may look angry or red, but this is normal for up to 2 weeks.   Please avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods while the veins are healing.  

10) What is Better Sclerotherapy or Laser Vein Treatment?

There are better overall results with sclerotherapy because of the larger variety of veins that can be treated.  Sclerotherapy can also be injected into feeder veins that are otherwise missed by laser treatment and cause spider veins to return.  

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