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Varicose Vein Removal: Our Top Vein Doctors in NJ Debate


Varicose Vein Removal

Part 2- Dr Faisal Siddiqi
(See Part One Here)

The most common reason to visit a vein center in NJ is for the evaluation of spider and varicose veins.  Most of us have an image of varicose veins and it’s not appealing. In fact, it causes concern about proper circulation in the legs.  Varicose veins are large veins that protrude from underneath the skin and twist and turn on themselves.  Venous insufficiency is the most common reason for the development of both spider and varicose veins.

What is Venous Insufficiency?

Venous insufficiency occurs when the veins in our legs become overwhelmed due to dysfunctional valves.  Blood moves in one direction from the legs towards your heart.  This is a considerable amount of work against gravity and the veins underneath our skin don’t have much muscle to perform the job.   For this reason, individuals are at risk when their work requires prolonged standing or sitting during the day.  Over time, excess blood accumulates in the legs and increases the pressure in our veins.  Ultimately, that pressure is released into newly formed spider and varicose veins.

Who Develops Venous Insufficiency?

Venous insufficiency is a common medical condition that affects up to 25-30% of Americans.   It has a strong genetic predispostion and becomes progressively worse with age.  Other risk factors include female gender, sedentary lifestyles, and prolonged standing at work or home.  The major conern with venous insufficiency is the development of symptoms including pain, leg swelling, DVT and skin ulcerations.  Because it is genetic, the condition can affect the young and old.  

Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose veins are now treated through minimally invasive procedures, which help the vein seal off and dissolve from within.  Our vein doctors in NJ are part of a series discussion on what are the preferred methods for varicose vein treatment.

Our vein doctor providing commentary today is Dr Faisal Siddiqi.

Dr. Faisal Siddiqi is the medical director of our vein treatment centers in New Jersey. He has consistently been voted as a Top Doctor in New Jersey by Jersey’s Choice and Castle Connolly. As one of the best vein doctors in New Jersey, Dr. Siddiqi proudly offers the latest technology available for spider and varicose vein treatments at his vein clinic in Edison, NJ.  He also sees patients at his vein clinic in Clifton NJ and Freehold NJ.

As an interventionalist, my primary skill is in catheter based treatments for vein disease.  I have extensive experience in minimally-invasive procedures that were honed during my 2 year sub-specialty fellowship in cardiac electrophysiology at New York Presbyterian Hospital.  I have been performing catheter ablation since 2011 and have developed the fine skills to treat not only heart conditions, but also more simple problems like varicose veins.

I want to echo the statement made previously by my colleague, Dr Alissa Brotman-O’Neill.  There is no debate about what is the best method for vein treatment.  The gold standard is non-surgical treatment using catheter based technology.  This includes RF vein ablation and endovenous laser treatment (EVLT).

What Is The Gold Standard of Vein Treatment?

Vein clinics across America will not disagree on the fact that catheter ablation is the gold standard of vein treatment.  There are two technologies very similar in concept: RF vein ablation and Laser Vein Ablation.  I prefer RF vein ablation for several reasons:

  • The technology is manufactured by Medtronic, an industry leader in minimally-invasive technology. Medtronic is a leader in cardiac devices including pacemakers and defibrillators.  It also has a strong product in pain management with spinal cord stimulation.  It is no different in vein treatment with their revolutionary product, ClosureFast
  • The ClosureFast technology utilizes the same RF technology for varicose vein treatment as see in cardiac ablation for heart arrhythmias.  RF vein ablation is incredibly safe and targeted to the desired treatment area
  • ClosureFast is super-effective with a success rate that is above 95% in closing off diseased veins.
  • ClosureFast is associated with less procedural and post procedural discomfort, which is likely related to the source of thermal energy.  ClosureFast uses radiofrequency energy and heating is substantially lower than with laser vein treatment.  
  • Physician comfort matters and because I trained in RF technology, I am more at ease with what RF vein ablation, which is a very simple to use catheter.
  • Laser vein treatment remains an excellent choice for many vein doctors and has an equal success rate. 
  • VenaSeal is a new technique for catheter based vein treatment. Unlike RF vein ablation and laser, VenaSeal uses a proprietary medical adhesive compound to seal the diseased vein off.  In doing so, the procedure can be done without tumescence or the need for compression stockings.  My overall experience has been positive, however insurance coverage is limited still in NJ. 

What Should Patients Consider Before Vein Treatment

It’s less important on what technology is used for varicose vein removal, but rather who’s got their hands on your treament.  Varicose vein and spider vein treatment does not require surgery, however that does not mean the expertise should be any less. 

Potential patients should select their vein clinic on merit.  The qualities of the Best Vein Clinic in NJ are essentially uniform:

  • The Best Vein Doctor Near Me should be a vascular trained, board certified doctor.  Vascular training is only obtained during residency or fellowship training in vascular surgery, cardiovascular medicine or interventional radiology.
  • Vein Treatment Near Me should utilize only modern, minimally-invasive treatments.  Surgical stripping is outdated and associated with poor outcomes
  • Vascular Imaging is imperative before vein treatment.  The cause of spider veins and varicose veins cannot be determined without a proper ultrasound.
  • The Vein clinic should have an insurance specialist.  The rules around insurance coverage for varicose veins are complex and having someone obtain medically necessary approvals will remove your worries.

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Dr Faisal Siddiqi is a board-certified vein specialist and cardiac electrophysiologist in Edison NJ and Freehold NJ.  He also maintains a satellite vein clinic in Clifton NJ.  The vein center in Edison NJ is located in the heart of NJ nearby Menlo Park.  The Freehold vein clinic is near to CentraState hospital for patients seeking minimally-invasive and permanent varicose vein removal.

The Princeton Vascular Center is one of the premier vein centers in NJ with several locations across the state.   As part of our commitment to be the best vein center near me, our vein doctors are sourced from the best training programs in the country and board-certified.  To schedule a consultation with one of our top vein specialists, you can book an appointment online, or call 609-257-2095.

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