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Virtual Consultation Policy




Princeton Vascular Center (A Division of One Oak Medical Group) is providing you with the below information in the event you choose to engage in a free virtual consultation with Princeton Vascular by submitting an inquiry or photographs to Princeton Vascular.  We offer this initial virtual consultation as a convenience to those who would like to speak with our physicians and exchange preliminary information without having to travel to our offices.

This initial virtual consultation is not intended for emergencies.  If you have an emergency, you must immediately call  9-1-1. 

What is the purpose of the Virtual Consultation?

The virtual consults do not create a physician-patient relationship, and information provided during a virtual consult is not intended to constitute medical advice.  

The purpose of the virtual consultation is for information purposes only so that Princeton Vascular can determine whether one of our physicians can assist you with spider or varicose veins treatment. If Princeton Vascular can assist you, then we would ask you to set up an appointment for an in-person consultation with one of our physicians. 


Conducting a virtual consultation with Princeton Vascular Center does not create a physician-patient relationship.  

Any health information that you communicate or transmit during a virtual consultation including any information you send over the internet, including email, may not be secure, and may be available to or intercepted by third parties. Accordingly, you should inform our staff at Princeton Vascular whether or not there is information you do not wish to communicate via virtual consultation without disclosing the nature of the information so as to maintain its confidentiality. By participating in a virtual consultation, you understand and agree that your information may not be confidential and Princeton Vascular shall not be held liable for any unauthorized access, use or disclosure of your personal health information.

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